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Be More Spontaneous, Own a Convertible

For Immediate Release

Thu, Jul 20, 2017


Jill Mejia



There's something fun and carefree about a convertible. Anyone that owns a convertible earns a special spot on the cool list, here's why:

1. Safer Driving

When you put the top down in your convertible you eliminate blind spots caused by the roof supports. You'll be more aware of what's going on around you, making you more confident and a safer driver.

2. Can't Be Locked Out

You'll never be locked out of your car when the top's down. You can also jump into your car with the doors locked, making for a quicker getaway that looks cool.

3. Take in Nature

With a convertible you can sun bathe and feel the fresh air during the day, while at night you can star gaze from the comfort of your car. Just don't gaze and drive!

4. Plenty of Head Room

With a convertible's top down, there is an infinite amount of head room. This is great for tall passengers or for hauling home extra tall purchases like a floor lamp or a new set of fishing gear.

5. Good For Your Well-Being

It's difficult to frown while cruising along on a beautiful day in a convertible. The happier you are, the less stress and worries you feel. Your body and mind will thank you for the relaxation. It may even make you more spontaneous and exciting to be around!

6. Conversation-free

Did you ever have a passenger in the car and struggle to find small talk when all you really wanted to do was drive in silence? A convertible eliminates the need for small talk. The wind is so loud you can barely hear one another, so there's no use in trying.

7. Attention

Not everyone owns a convertible, so you'll stand out. If you're already used to being popular, then maybe you don't need the attention… but for the rest of us, a spot in the lime light once in a while is a treat.

Clearly you need to own a convertible, right? Enter for a chance to win your own convertible during the Take the Winning Drive Promotion at Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo this July. All July long earn one FREE entry daily and more entries based on play. You'll also get 15X entries on Thursdays. Then, on Saturday, July 29 FanPlay® drawings begin at 9:00 p.m. and the big finale car drawing will be held at 11:00 p.m. Head on down today to play your favorite games and enter the drawings!


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